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As a prime Mediterranean tour operator we can offer you a multi combination Itinerary with in the local countries.

Based on our weekly guarantee tours you can  build the best tour package with full escorted all the way with a leisure and relax stops in the beautiful cities &


can offer the the complete East Mediterranean tour that includes:

6 weeks  tour in Italy Greece Turkey, Cyprus, Israel Jordan & Egypt   where you   will visit  the Center of the old world and follow the history of this area 

The ancient  Egyptian,Israelites, ancient Greek, the Romans,the first Christians, Byzantine Empire,  Nabetians, Renaissance people & Muslims .  

tour the city of Rome, Athens, Istanbul-Constantinople,Larnaca, Jerusalem,Petra ,Cairo ,Luxor etc   

you can do it with local cruise in the Islands of Greece and cruise along the Nile river.

please email us your preference and we will quote for you the based itinerary based on a group rate !

we can also operate all the Mediterranean tours as privet

  3* 4* 5* Top Grade
Class Tourist First Superior Deluxe
Jerusalem Jlm Tower Grand Court Dan Panorama David Citadel
Galilee Kibbutz Hotels or Holiday inn kibbutz (deluxe room) or Scots house
Tel Aviv Sea Net Metropolitan/ Mercure Dan Panorama Carlton/Sheraton
Eilat Adi Vista/Ceasar Dan Panorama Dan Eilat
Petra Petra palace Golden Tulip Crowne Plaza Movenpick
Amman Liwan GT grand Palace Ramada/Regency Palace Marriott